Hiresun is a manufacture based in Vietnam,  We can either produce large quantity clothes production for Fashion Brands  as big quantity or small quantity clothes production as unique fashion.

We are a very professional manufacture with detailed production process. We also provide contractual guarantees on several points such as deadline engagements, Quality control, Respect of Human Rights and Environmental issues. Working with the Hiresun means working with a reliable, professional and flexible clothing production partner in Asia.

Some of our international clients prefer to focus on marketing and communication and does need a professional fashion industry manufacturing partner that could take care of all the creation and production process. In this case, we do offer a fully integrated service. We discuss directly with the client about the positioning of the clothing line in term of price, quality, and marketing and we start to create, in close relation with the fashion brand, the different styles of the collection.

After validation and modification of the designs based on the prototypes, we will take care of the production, the quality control and the shipment.

My Vietnam Company:Hiresun International Industry  Company Limited

My China Phone/wechat:+8615858679063

My vietnam Phone/whatsapp:+840981453933 ,+840586266187

address1:7 quan,HoChiMinh City 

address2:Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Thuan An Ward,Binh Duong Province Vietnam

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